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Machine Learning. Distributed and Serverless. Build, scale, and unify entire pipelines. Effortlessly.

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Let your AI/ML teams focus on innovation. CodeFlare handles the infrastructure.

  • CodeFlare is an open-source, cloud-native platform for next generation AI and ML development

  • Minimize the effort and skills needed to scale your AI and ML

  • CodeFlare is built on OpenShift: deploy anywhere, from on-prem to cloud, and integrate easily with other cloud-native ecosystems.

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Use case
Highlight: Foundation models with CodeFlare

CodeFlare accelerates the automation of transfer learning tasks for foundation models. Today, businesses can use it to fully automate their foundation model pipelines. And with the benefits of hybrid cloud, your data never has to leave a secure environment.

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CodeFlare is deployed as part of and integrated with the Open Data Hub.